Design with us! Star Status Design new dialogue

Discuss with us! Star Status new international online design Dialogue, based on the synthetic plasticity of informal compatible meaningful design Communication, with the support of cooperated statuses, about Design in the complex context of all spheres of life. In this case, the topics of the next conferences are Design and …, which can be understood by each presenting expert independently, from the point of view, defined by the field in which he works, as well as through their creative, scientific or pedagogical activities. It is the collection of such diverse views on the topic that created a very inspiring and innovative composition of information and ideas on Design, Art and Technology. We extend this invitation to all who have cooperated on design-related creations at different design levels. Star Status Design international online design dialogue provides focused overviews on topics of interest for our community. Each conference will be collated into an open-access book of proceedings. You can see the Conference as an opportunity to meet new colleagues and find alternative overviews of your work.

Already cooperated statuses:

studio Balaz, Faculty of Architecture and Design, STU |

dizajnerskakresba.sk |

somastudio |

kreativita.online |

Slovak Art Union – Gallery Umelka/ IAA Europe


New Topics in Design

Umelka Gallery and Star Status Design
independent international design conference
30. 11. 2022

Slovenská výtvarná únia | Konferencia New Topics in Design (svu.sk)

New Topics in Design – Conference Proceedings

From left: Martin Balaz and Erik Rejta (Star Status Design), Andrea Kristek Kozárova (Gallery Umelka) and Branislav Jelenčík (SVU)

conference online participants
Educational comic by Branislav Jelencik – presentation

White Squere 1 in 3 denotation by Star Status Design – presentation
White Squere 1 in 3 denotation by Star Status Design – action
White Squere 1 in 3 denotation by Star Status Design – performance
White Squere 1 in 3 denotation by Star Status Design – dialogue and conclusion
D11 a

Star Status Design independent artistic research in the science

Article for an upcoming international conference


Star Status independent artistic research in the science

Martin Balaz, Erik Rejta

Abstract: Star Status design project, epitome and authentic design Philosophy come from creators, personal design strategy. We explore, analyse, and advance the connections between design, design research and design education, between teacher and student, between design colleagues, and co-creators, reinventing design & science – art & science relationship with a range of perspectives and different lines of inquiry that designers, creators, educators, researchers and students may find in relation to their own independent action. Article present prompt explores Star Status creators challenge and opportunities for Research and communication in Design, with the widening and closing of distances in these unpredictable times, explore understanding openness to other people and other areas of knowledge and extraordinary interdisciplinarity cooperation and enhances the ability to cross fields and remove boundaries to collaboration between disciplines, and how processes can be accelerated towards adversity, about the generation of designers, fully aware of our collective responsibility in this decisive decade and researchers/designers, rapidly adapt ways of designing design. Characteristic of Star Status design is the concept of development of values by a nonlinear design method based on Star Status Independent Intellectual Research and development with Star Status Philosophy. This concept maximised connections possibilities between all components, elements, sections and factors of the design process and context. We see the possible flexibility and depth of new connections and new perspectives in the three-dimensional context space as the positive difference, real non-linearity of the design process to the actual trend methods, for example, the “Design Thinking” methodology. Independent Star status in the constellation is different from holistic methodology, for example. Particular heterotopic interdisciplinary Art & Science connections, developing accurate Picture with subjectivity to objectivity, the result of real Osmosis, the transfer of matter between two phases, separated by a third phase, and the indirect infusion of the independent art with science research. An important distinction between art & science actions is between non-basic actions, which are done by doing something else, and basic actions, which are not the case. Most philosophical discussions of actions focus on physical actions in the form of bodily movements. However, many philosophers consider mental actions to be a distinct type of action that is quite different from physical actions. Actions can be rational or irrational, depending on the reason for which they perform. The problem of responsibility is closely related to the philosophy of actions since we usually hold people responsible for what they do. Design – Shape and its transformations, also the beauty of the world, as well as its role in society. On the one side, anthropomorphic, with faces, muscles, and the sensual tension of the body, on the other hand, the perfect combination of technical and aesthetical research, the most complex. Perspectives from design overlay our ideas of reinventing of science communication concepts of physicality Star Status Capsule Design Layers, the composition of Core Layer, synergic collection of essential items, Superior Layer, collection of essential items & elements of style and Super-reality Layer, collection of Epitome Components as the basis for Star Status Authentic Design.


Independent action – SeeYouth international conference 2021



Martin Balaz, Erik Rejta

Abstract: We bring together visual arts and design-based activities with perspectives to develop new ideas in response to the ongoing global turbulence which is impacting most youth social contexts and their communities. “Action Centric independent artistic research & development fusion” and “Synergic research & development Design Strategy” represent the value of arts-based action and research in achieving sustainable change, social and economic marginalisation experienced by youth and how we can anticipate and challenges urgently require innovative ideas, methods and outcomes. We use the concept of “mirroring” as reflection and also as a way to compose new connections and inspire new relationships. “Star Status Philosophy” connect stars to new composition with other stars in constellations with new connections and create a new composition and new context. Our model method of ‘mirroring’ we become through action-centric development and application through art and design research. We develop the mirroring concept as a way to establish virtual spaces and build virtual bridges for conversation and collaboration in the education design process among youth and we applied this across geographical distances with “Virtual Connectivity” – Informal Connective Virtual Conferences Series. So, we explored, how mirroring might be used as a potent tool across the arts and in terms of design so that it can help inspire or influence social movements. Star Status Constellation relationships become our central ways of approaching and utilising mirroring in the contexts of arts-based and design methods. “Freedom-based compatibility/mirroring” has much to offer in terms of how it can be utilised within and outside of individual academic contexts or disciplines. “Authentic design essence layers” allow us to recognise empathy, intersubjectivity and understanding in our own actions. “Open sphere strategy” mirroring mechanisms in the human mind creates the basis of social context mirroring contributing to a new composition of motion, emotion and empathy which create new experiences. Multidimensionally intellectual mirroring components – space for interaction, collaboration, identification and communication can embody action which, when used as a movement in action-centric performance, can create emotional and rational understanding status. Through actions mirroring our own views and ideas, we are able to develop society. We can also from our Trans-Continental geographical position from the east direction mirror our project with this multi-disciplinary concept of the Trans-Atlantic Mirroring method.

Conference link: Publications – Lapin yliopisto – University of Lapland – Lapplands universitet (ulapland.fi)

Publication link: loader.aspx (ulapland.fi)


Star Status Grid Integrity – Creativity in design international conference

CREATIVITY IN DESIGN V., INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN ZVOLEN ZVOLEN, SLOVAKIA, November 11th 2021, Together we can do more/reactivation of cooperation/ on-site vs. online

Star Status Grid – Integrity


The project anticipates the needs of a new lifestyle and works with the imagination, atmosphere, intellect and philosophy of the designer and the emerging company. The basic system of alternative forms harmoniously combines design to maintain the continuity of visual culture and philosophy of the future society. Determining its new forms and activities, the so-called Grid demonstrator abstracts the user’s ability to support its value. Motivation, connectivity and compatibility, through the atmosphere, mediates in space and time of use, defines several identifiers – the range of design perceptions, from conceptual, experimental, through product, industrial, communication to the interior, from the view of the work as art, design or engineering, from the past through the present to the future. The benefit of the system is the ability to use all components of the intellect and thus offer space for interaction, collaboration, identification and communication, essential aspects of the creative process.

Conference link: Tvorivosť v Dizajne | Katedra dizajnu nábytku a interiéru (tuzvo.sk)

Papers: tvd_v_o5spolu_2.pdf (tuzvo.sk)


Off-Grid inclusive design workshop, University of Applied Science Berlin


International design workshop, first contact action mission, about inclusive communication. Applied multimodal relationship creation in interdisciplinary cooperation and research. Test platform for Off the Grid – Intellectual formal device. Human Experience Design HTW Berlin, Studio Balaz FAD STU Bratislava and Star Status cooperation. Lead by Erik Rejta, guaranteed by Pelin Celik and Martin Balaz.


Star Status Design – New European Bauhaus

“Star Status” design philosophy tells the story that some star does not stand, is moving, changes the angle of view, advancing into the unknown, taking the risk, wonders what’s coming, is curious about what it will be and never follows the way, connect to new composition with other stars in constellations with new connections and create a new composition, new context. New structure and proportions of stars constellation identify new interests of society, important essence of education and training, “

Star Status design represents innovative research, development and education model for students and professionals, integrates sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics and is based on interdisciplinary design integration of science, arts and society. We illustrate the impact of the science and arts for sustainable education and cultural performance that brings a constellation of communities together, representing examples of transformational activities centred around sciences, arts and culture that help build design cohesion and develop a shared sense of ownership of the new post-post-modern lifestyle, a fusion of open, private, virtual and philosophical space and time. Star Status design was created as a freedom-based compatibility design platform with the goal to take part in the New European Bauhaus initiative when Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, declared this Idea in 2020. Follows up freedom-based compatible cooperation of Basic Stars, created, involved and transferred results and benefits of past activities, developed projects during the pandemic present and in this challenge submit potential to prepare the way to the future. We formed our own Star Status interdisciplinary creations, own Star Status design innovative research, development and education model for students and professionals, integrate sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics and are based on interdisciplinary design integration of science, arts and society. Star Status design creations composition creates Star status Philosophy, Context Constellation, Open Sphere Strategy, Authentic Design Essence, Intellect Components – space for interaction, collaboration, identification and communication, Freedom-based Compatibility, Action Centric independent artistic research & development fusion, Synergic research & development Design Strategy, Virtual Connectivity – Informal Connective Virtual Conferences Series and Vision Solving – Skills Demonstrator.

Star Status New European Bauhaus Application

Star Status Design | NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS (new-european-bauhaus.eu)

New European Bauhaus

All Applications | NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS (new-european-bauhaus.eu)


Star Status Design – EADE 2021 international conference/ ALFA papers


Star Status Design (Conference presentation, Session 3b Innovative and creative methods of Engineering Education, Innovative design strategies) – Martin Balaz

Star status authentic design / Baláž, Martin, DOI 10.2478/alfa-2022-0012, In: Alfa : architecture papers of the Faculty of architecture and design STU. – Bratislava (Slovensko) : Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave. Fakulta architektúry a dizajnu. – ISSN (online) 2729-7640. – ISSN (zrušené) 1335-2679. – Roč. 27, č. 2 (2022), s. 41-47 [online]

ABSTRACT: In this time, we must be prepared for unknown situations in design, design research, and design education. We are awaiting changes in standards for the art, design and engineering education system. We are currently facing a new type of communication in the design process. Classical research and traditional forms are changing, and we are searching for new research and development strategies. Star Status philosophy is viewed in a social context as a design process section, and it is part of the alternative design programme of design thinking, education and training, also included the other two parts – Open Sphere Strategy and Authentic Design Essence. Together these parts create a flexible system for the action-centric design process, research and education with a spirit of avant-garde thinking. In general, this system can define Designers as Individuals (Stars) in Society Groups (Constellations); they are connected to other members by various Relationships (Status). Some stars make connections, constellations and new compositions with other stars. Stars in constellations with new connections create a new composition, new context, new lifestyle. As a technology in Star Status Philosophy, acquiring and mastering of design drawing as the most credible technique of an autonomus artistic exploration, drawing as a way of thinking in the most natural form in the designing process and ability to create a visual communication language are on of important parts of Action Centric independent artistic research & development fusion. As art of interdisciplinary experience, acquiring and mastering the common strategy in designing process between the designer and engineer, mastering the philosophy and method of design strategy, synthesis of designer drawing and 3D environment are the basic layers of Synergic research & development Design Strategy.

About Conference – Under the joint patronage of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology, Kraków, Poland; the Faculty of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland; the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland; and the World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education (WIETE), these institutions organise jointly the 2021 Conference on Engineering and Architecture Design Education (EADE-2021) to take place at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 6 September 2021, held electronically, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
At this stage, the Commonwealth Science and Technology Academy for Research (C-STAR), Chennai, India, a
Partner Institution of the WIETE is the Conference Co-sponsor. It is anticipated that the number of Co-sponsors
and Support Organisations will increase as several other institutions consider becoming involved in this
endeavour. This 2021 Conference on Engineering and Architecture Design Education (EADE-2021) follows the EADE-2020 held in Gdansk, Poland, over the Internet, due to the Covid-19 pandemic; the successful EADE-2019 held in Kraków, Poland; and the EADE-2018, held in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2018; and builds on the series of extremely successful international conferences held in the past by the UICEE and WIETE, such as the World Conference on Technology and Engineering Education (Kraków 2010, Ljubljana 2011, Athens 2014 and Bratislava 2015); the World Conference on Engineering Education (Sydney 1989, Portsmouth 1992, Minneapolis-St. Paul 1995); the East-West Congress on Engineering Education (Kraków 1991, Łódź 1993, Gdynia 1996) and, then, the Global Congress on Engineering Education (Kraków 1998, Wismar 2000, Glasgow 2002, Bangkok 2004 and New York 2006), to name a few. Based on such previous extensive experience, the present Conference is a continuation of the international effort of sharing and exchanging ideas, experiences and achievements within the international community of technology and engineering, as well as engineering and architecture educators in this case.

Conference of Engineering and Architecture Design Education 2021

EADE 2021 Conference – Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava (stuba.sk)

Conference Programme

EADE_programme.pdf – Disk Google


Slovak university of technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Atelier Balaz cooperation

Cooperation between Star Status Design and Atelier Balaz, Faculty of architecture and design, Slovak university of technology in Bratislava.

Atelier is focused on product and industrial design and works with five types of assignments, which are naturally supportive. The “Action centric” type is based on independent artistic research, using a wide range of creative design strategies and communicating with an original visual language. The “synergistic strategy” is based on the socially current interdisciplinary harmonization of art and construction through physical and digital technologies in the university environment of STU. “International inspiration” builds on connections with partner schools abroad and Erasmus+ support. “Combo” mixes transport, product and art design to strengthen the transfer of academic experimental design outputs towards collaboration with practice. “Authentic” is based on independent, Star Status Design, intellectual development and integration of avant-garde value components. The basis is perception, which interacts with thinking in order to arrive at new knowledge. According to the authenticity of the projects, the studio uses “Design Thinking” or the author’s “Star Status Design” (Balaz, Rejta) method of design research and design creation. The studio tries to respect the principles of inclusion, sustainability, aesthetics and the quality of experiences that go beyond functionality.

“As a designer, I follow the philosophy of the Star Status Design project, which I create together with my colleague Mgr. art. Erik Rejta based on our personal, authentic approach to design and which is characterized by independent intellectual research of context, analysis of contexts and development of complex design values by a non-linear method in the design process.”