Slovak university of technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Atelier Balaz cooperation

Cooperation between Star Status Design and Atelier Balaz, Faculty of architecture and design, Slovak university of technology in Bratislava.

Atelier is focused on product and industrial design and works with five types of assignments, which are naturally supportive. The “Action centric” type is based on independent artistic research, using a wide range of creative design strategies and communicating with an original visual language. The “synergistic strategy” is based on the socially current interdisciplinary harmonization of art and construction through physical and digital technologies in the university environment of STU. “International inspiration” builds on connections with partner schools abroad and Erasmus+ support. “Combo” mixes transport, product and art design to strengthen the transfer of academic experimental design outputs towards collaboration with practice. “Authentic” is based on independent, Star Status Design, intellectual development and integration of avant-garde value components. The basis is perception, which interacts with thinking in order to arrive at new knowledge. According to the authenticity of the projects, the studio uses “Design Thinking” or the author’s “Star Status Design” (Balaz, Rejta) method of design research and design creation. The studio tries to respect the principles of inclusion, sustainability, aesthetics and the quality of experiences that go beyond functionality.

“As a designer, I follow the philosophy of the Star Status Design project, which I create together with my colleague Mgr. art. Erik Rejta based on our personal, authentic approach to design and which is characterized by independent intellectual research of context, analysis of contexts and development of complex design values by a non-linear method in the design process.”

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