Star Status Grid Integrity – Creativity in design international conference

CREATIVITY IN DESIGN V., INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN ZVOLEN ZVOLEN, SLOVAKIA, November 11th 2021, Together we can do more/reactivation of cooperation/ on-site vs. online

Star Status Grid – Integrity


The project anticipates the needs of a new lifestyle and works with the imagination, atmosphere, intellect and philosophy of the designer and the emerging company. The basic system of alternative forms harmoniously combines design to maintain the continuity of visual culture and philosophy of the future society. Determining its new forms and activities, the so-called Grid demonstrator abstracts the user’s ability to support its value. Motivation, connectivity and compatibility, through the atmosphere, mediates in space and time of use, defines several identifiers – the range of design perceptions, from conceptual, experimental, through product, industrial, communication to the interior, from the view of the work as art, design or engineering, from the past through the present to the future. The benefit of the system is the ability to use all components of the intellect and thus offer space for interaction, collaboration, identification and communication, essential aspects of the creative process.

Conference link: Tvorivosť v Dizajne | Katedra dizajnu nábytku a interiéru (

Papers: tvd_v_o5spolu_2.pdf (

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