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Star Status Design independent artistic research in the science

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Star Status independent artistic research in the science

Martin Balaz, Erik Rejta

Abstract: Star Status design project, epitome and authentic design Philosophy come from creators, personal design strategy. We explore, analyse, and advance the connections between design, design research and design education, between teacher and student, between design colleagues, and co-creators, reinventing design & science – art & science relationship with a range of perspectives and different lines of inquiry that designers, creators, educators, researchers and students may find in relation to their own independent action. Article present prompt explores Star Status creators challenge and opportunities for Research and communication in Design, with the widening and closing of distances in these unpredictable times, explore understanding openness to other people and other areas of knowledge and extraordinary interdisciplinarity cooperation and enhances the ability to cross fields and remove boundaries to collaboration between disciplines, and how processes can be accelerated towards adversity, about the generation of designers, fully aware of our collective responsibility in this decisive decade and researchers/designers, rapidly adapt ways of designing design. Characteristic of Star Status design is the concept of development of values by a nonlinear design method based on Star Status Independent Intellectual Research and development with Star Status Philosophy. This concept maximised connections possibilities between all components, elements, sections and factors of the design process and context. We see the possible flexibility and depth of new connections and new perspectives in the three-dimensional context space as the positive difference, real non-linearity of the design process to the actual trend methods, for example, the “Design Thinking” methodology. Independent Star status in the constellation is different from holistic methodology, for example. Particular heterotopic interdisciplinary Art & Science connections, developing accurate Picture with subjectivity to objectivity, the result of real Osmosis, the transfer of matter between two phases, separated by a third phase, and the indirect infusion of the independent art with science research. An important distinction between art & science actions is between non-basic actions, which are done by doing something else, and basic actions, which are not the case. Most philosophical discussions of actions focus on physical actions in the form of bodily movements. However, many philosophers consider mental actions to be a distinct type of action that is quite different from physical actions. Actions can be rational or irrational, depending on the reason for which they perform. The problem of responsibility is closely related to the philosophy of actions since we usually hold people responsible for what they do. Design – Shape and its transformations, also the beauty of the world, as well as its role in society. On the one side, anthropomorphic, with faces, muscles, and the sensual tension of the body, on the other hand, the perfect combination of technical and aesthetical research, the most complex. Perspectives from design overlay our ideas of reinventing of science communication concepts of physicality Star Status Capsule Design Layers, the composition of Core Layer, synergic collection of essential items, Superior Layer, collection of essential items & elements of style and Super-reality Layer, collection of Epitome Components as the basis for Star Status Authentic Design.

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