Our infinite grid of Star Status Design epitome components

Through our interdisciplinary avant-garde Star Status Epitome Components by Infinite Grid, we create a new complex context, constellation and composition of authentic values for the independent art and art & engineering design, development, research or education.

Infinite grid of Star Status Design epitome components:

Star Status Design Epitome (Who?)

Star Status Design Status (Icon)

Star Status Design Avant-garde Motivation (Why?)

Star Status Design Philosophy (Existence)

Star Status Open Sphere Design Thinking (Imagination)

Star Status Authentic Design Essence (Originality)

Star Status Design Atmosphere (Space-Time)

Star Status Design Intellect (Human being)

Star Status Design Performance (Human self-reflection)

Star Status Design Movement (Change)

Star Status Design Action (Imagination expression)

Star Status Design Grid (Integrity diversification)

Star Status Design Capsule (Complex creation)

Star Status Design Proximity (Understanding)

Star Status Design Body (Touchable)

Star Status Design Transfer (Impact)

We transfer the values of authenticity and complexity to design

We never follow the line, we use our ability to explore, search and observe space-time, create new context constellations and authenticate and transfer the values of authenticity and complexity to design in terms of inclusion, sustainability, aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality.

Our design authenticity and complexity values authentication


Design epitome

Design context


Designer complexity

Designer view

Designer thinking

Designer status


Creation authenticity layers

Creation character layers

Creation complexity layers

Creation complex capsule layers

Creation complex capsule values


Compatibility Values

Transfer program